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I am a "Twenty something" year old Swedish girl, currently living in Montreal for the past 5 years. I recently started blogging. I write a lot about my life in Montreal, work, traveling, shopping, friends and sometimes a little bit about LOVE. Even though my blog talks a lot about fashion I would not call it a "fashion blog". I am not quite sure what to call this blog. I blog about everything I love around the world. It can be anything from fashion to food. It's simply a Viktoria blog, a blog about the things I love...so I will call it ViktoriaLove! Welcome to my blog!

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October 2, 2010

It's Official ViktoriaLove is a dot com


It is official ViktoriaLove is now a dot com!!!
It has been a while in the making but now it's ready.

Click HERE to check out the new home of ViktoriaLove
Hope you like it!


Down Town


It's not raining today, after 5 days of constant rain. Yay!
Perfect day to go down town and that is what I did.

It was a little chilly so I took out one of my favorite scarfs and put on my Vintage Gucci Sunglasses.
My mommy gave me these sunglasses a while back but she bought them some time in the late 70's or early 80's.
I absolutely LOVE them!
What do you think of the vintage Gucci's? I am a big fan of vintage sunglasses because the chances of one running into someone else that has the same sunglasses as you are like slim to none.

Me and my chichi Mikey are waiting in the car while someone special is getting us a drink and a snack from RachelBerry which is my favorite health food store in Montreal.

Once we had our supplies we headed to see the lovely Mary at Tres Chic Styling. This girl is really awesome always happy and always so nice. We had to take care of a little errand there first and then it was off to H&M.
I saw a jacket online that I wanted to check out in real life to see if it is actually as nice as it was in the pic.

When we finally got to H&M and I found the jacket I was looking for (which was a challenge as there was hundreds of crazy girls shopping at H&M today) I tried it on and it looked great, I really liked it.
BUT...big but....my "special person" that was with me did NOT like it. What do I do now I thought to myself?

Although I liked the jacket it still made me a bit insecure when my "special person" was not to crazy about it. "Special person's" opinion really matters to me. Ok, as I couldn't decide I reserved the jacket till Monday so I can think about it and I wanna ask you, the readers whether it's a

LOVE's It or SHOVE's It!?!?!

Help me out please!
Here is a picture of the jacket.

Picture this jacket with a nice pair of black leggings and knee high leather boots with maybe a nice tunic top or maybe just a simple white low v-neck tee.


October 1, 2010


A sleepy tired me...night!

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Sweet Dreams

Today was fun but a little hectic. Now I'm off to sleep because it's yoga time in the am and then some shopping!

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Ready for my make over

Waiting for lovely Roxanne to start my long over due make over just in time for the weekend!

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Hair day at Orbite

On the way to my hair appointment....
Maybe I'll update with a pic when I have all kinds of stuff in my hair from the salon...

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Jem & the Hollogrmas


I still have lots of time but I soon as I realized that today is October first I could not help but think of Halloween. I already know what I am going to be this year, I've known for a while.

I am going to be Jem from Jem and the Hollograms.

The outfit it self won't be a problem. I have quite a few things I can mix and match to look like Jem...hihi...
The only thing I might have to work on is the hair. I have to find a baby pink wig somewhere.

Another thing I have to find is the rest of the band members. I mean I don't want to be just Jem without the Hollograms....boooring...any takers? First come first pick!

I think this year it will be the best Halloween ever. Why? I don't know I just feel it in my toes!
What are you going to be?




Kanye's new song - Runaway fest. Pusha T.
Love it, will be this years fall song!

September 30, 2010


Stuck in some major traffic and it's pouring out. I better make it for my Zumba class!

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Evil Eyes & Hamsa Hands by ViktoriaLove


Rainy, cold, windy & dull is a perfect day to work on Evil eyes and Hamsa hands jewelry by ViktoriaLove.

I've been wanting to start this little fun creative hobby for a while but never had the time to do so, till today. I think it will turn out really good. Still needs a lot of work and research but at least this is a start.

You all know what an evil eye & hamsa hand fanatic I am, I counted all my bracelets that I have today but I don't dare to tell you the number. Anyways as I am such a big fan on these bracelets here comes the first evil eyes & hamsa hand bracelet by ViktoriaLove.

My supplies to create the first bracelet.
Some evil eyes, hamsa hands, little shiny crystals and other essentials.

Here it is the first Evil eye & Hamsa hand bracelet by ViktoriaLove

Fits like a glove!

Goes really well with my single evil eye bracelet.

You want one?
Let me know...and stay tuned for more designs and models, coming soon.


Glimmer from Absolut Vokda


For a few seasons now I have been buying all the limited edition Absolut vodka bottles for my bf.
I really enjoy buying them because one I am swedish so I got to support my country he he.
Two, I think the bottles are really pretty and if you have the right display for them they look mucho stylish.

I know we have not even passed Halloween but the reality is Christmas is on its way so I thought I would bring you a little a tipple of what’s to come.

Each year Absolut Vodka produces a limited edition bottle to celebrate the festive season. This year, they’ve created Absolut GLIMMER, where the bottle has been transformed with a ‘dazzling’ crystal patterned glass.


We all know that fundamentally these things are done to sell more bottles, but we like it when companies actually explore their packaging like this. It makes the product more than just a consumable and asks us to appreciate packaging as something with aesthetic value, something that you want to keep or in my case collect!

What do you think about the Absolut bottles?

Popping in at Fashion Pop Montreal


Fashion Pop, is serving a double duty this time around. It is the launch party for this year's Puces Pop but also a fashion show with a fresh selection of local up-and-coming designers.
That is where I was last night!

Since it was a fashionista gathering I thought I would represent Scandinavia by wearing one of my Odd Molly dresses.

I was in a hurry when leaving the house so my pics are not that great but I was wearing my S. Weitzman 50/50 boots for the first time last night.

Nat & Me at the entrance of Rialto


Lovely Nat has taken her seat to scope the local talents
and Dikran too.

It was a nice surprise that DJ Mini was spinning some good electro.

And So it began....there was some really nice pieces last night. My favorite was designer number two. The name of her label was Prototype. Really nice stuff!

Yes, there were "goodie bags" but they were disappointing because they only contained magazines and flyers...but better than nothing.

There is lots more exciting Pop Montreal stuff going on around the city until October 3rd. I'll let you know where I will be next.


Top 10's in Fashion


After a local Montreal fashion show, with local designers last night I got really inspired and curious about who is on top in the fashion world. When they were at the top and for what category.
After a little research I found the Top 10's in fashion. Anything from the Top Ten Collections to Top Ten Scenesters.

I picked a few of my favorites, mostly one from each category.

My favorite Top Ten Collection

Alexander McQueen's (Spring 2010 collection) Plato's Atlantis production was his embrace of digital technology.
In this collection you there was anything from outlandish shoes to lobster claws which proved once again McQueen still has his talent as a fashion designer but also does not fail to provoke.

My favorite Top Ten Fashion Icon

This was an easy pick for as I LOVE Lady Gaga. Lady G may have gotten inspired by Madonna but she has gone way further than Madonna ever did. It also help to have Nicola Formichetti on your own styling team. Who does not love this lobster headpiece?

My "itiest" accessory

This was a hard one as the iPhone is not really a fashion accessory but personally I can't live without it. I always have it with me no matter what outfit I am wearing and it always matches..hehe...so for me there was no other option for the "itiest" accessory.

My favorite Top Ten Model

This was a HARD one. There are so many beautiful models out there. I love all the top ten models but if I can only pick it had to be Lara Stone. She has a beautiful body (not super, uber skinny) and the bleached brows, tooth gap and her curves make her GORGEOUS!

My favorite Top Ten Scenester

Blah, blah, blah.....I know what you are thinking but as my as Lilo does get in trouble she still manages to show up where it matters, whether she is wearing her alcohol bracelet or not. I will give her props for that.

These are my top picks. What are yours?
If you click here you can see the complete list for the Top 10's at style.com

PS I will upload pics from last night fashion show asap


September 29, 2010

MAC & Disney's Venomous Villians


I LOVE all Disney cartoon movies from 101 Dalmatians to Snow white.
I love the princesses, the heroes and I even have a little love for the villains.
You all know that I also like make-up a lot. I know there is anything from Chanel make-up to Bobbi Brown, but I really LOVE MAC make-up. It just works for me and I can always find a new lip gloss or eye shadow that I like.
All this love for Disney and MAC grew even more when I found out that they have made an collaboration on a limited make-up series called Venomous Villains.

Because I have light hair and fair skin I think that the Cruella De Vil make-up is best suited for me. If you don't know who she is, she is from the animated Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, that came out in 1961. She is an dalmatian dominatrix, known for her cheekbones, dramatic entrances and trails of absinthe-coloured smoke.
Haha...sounds a bit like me but I am much nicer!

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

MAC & Disney chose four villains for their make-up series. Here are three different looks of Cruella De Vil

Hearless Cruella

Cruella De Vil

Innocence Beware Cruella

All the make-up products come with a little cute design of a villains depending on which villains series you choose.

Click here to see the MAC Venomous Villains collection and enter this code VILLAINS for free shipping if you shop online. I know I will!!!


September 28, 2010

Busy Bee


Today was a really productive day all in all.
I did my yoga as usual then I went and I got some yummy and healthy groceries. I don't usually enjoy shopping for food but today was actually kind of nice.

It's my brothers birthday soon so he is having a huge party in Stockholm, so I designed some nice VIP invites for the guests who are invited to the dinner before the actual party starts. Then I went to print them and they turned out SUPER nice. I will post a pic of the invite tomorrow. As I was already at the print shop I decided to print some other documents that I needed. I actually just got home and I am pretty tired. Gonna make a nice fruit plate and watch an episode or two of "How I met your mother" then head to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be really fun and exciting as I am invited to the Fashion Pop show and I can't wait. Lots of local fashion and fun people. I will take lots of pic and maybe even some videos. I will of course post it all asap. Now time for my beauty sleep and some cuddles with my chichi.


Very relaxed look this evening.
Hoodie from WESC, 7 jeans, Ed Hardy shoes, jacket from Mathilde Stockholm, Diesel cap and scarf from Zara.
It was pooooooring out when I was leaving the house so I didn't feel like dressing up at all.
What you think of the super relaxed look?

Vote for me!


Thank you!

H&M, Lanvin & Me


I just went on the H&M website and there is Albert Elbaz, Lanvin and H&M. Although I already new this is coming in November, it just made it so much better to see it on the official H&M website. Now we just have to wait till November 2nd when we can view the collection online.

Count down begins!!!

H&M Vote for my blog

I also entered the "Vote for my blog" Lanvin H&M competition so please, please, please,
VOTE for ME!
I will really appreciate it!!!
All you have to do it click on the widget on my blog to vote


Just click on one of the Lanvin and H&M pics, please!

A little Love and A little Frustration


Sorry for being a little M.I.A for the past few days but I had some things I had to do and to think about and my mood was a bit down, but now I am back.

Yesterday was an interesting day I got a lot of "adult stuff" done..hehe...I mean like all kinds of paper work stuff around the house and yes of course I went to hot yoga. I can't live without it anymore. Damn you Nat, you got me addicted to hot yoga! I just LOVE how great you feel after you finish and you have a shower....
Complete Relaxation and you feel like you are walking on air!

I had a look at the weather forecast and lucky me it's only going to rain till Saturday....that's the next 5 days! I guess I get some good use out of my Burberry wellingtons finally.
I have not decided what I am going to do today yet except for yoga and groceries then we will see where the day takes me. It would be nice if it stopped raining so I could walk around down town and see if I can find "that" jacket I want.

I LOVE this photo which I actually took right here in Montreal. It's a statue that says Love...when I saw it I was going to take it home with me but then I didn't find a way to transport it, at least I've got this photo.

On a completely other note, what is up with the TERRIBLE customer service in Montreal? Wow, people are just messed up...they think they are up on some kind of high horse but reality check, YOU'RE NOT!
I read this one message this morning and I thought to myself... "people are so freaking fake" in this city! They are nice to your face but after that they don't care. I think that if you say, you are going to do something you should do it otherwise don't say it. Am I not right? Especially after you have messed up in the past.
Anyways, there are lots of great people here in the city to, but you know how it is....it's always the ones you don't like that get to you the most. To all my great "Monty people" LOVE ya!

I kind of feel like cooking dinner tonight, not just for me but maybe for some friends. I am going to go now and find out what every ones dinner plans are for tonight. I'll be back a little later.

Bisous! Bisous!
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